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Ellene Kloepfer

Ellene Kloepfer




Meet Ellene

Teaching is Ellene’s passion and has been a part of her life for over 32 years.  An accomplished Equestrian Trainer and Dressage Instructor, Ellene Kloepfer has earned United States Dressage Federation’s Bronze, Silver and Gold medals and successfully competed at Grand Prix. She was introduced to Pilates over 35 years ago by her riding instructor and quickly realized the power of Pilates.

Integrating Pilates with equestrians has always been a key strategy to realize body awareness. Her years of teaching and observing the movements of horses and riders has given her a keen eye to recognize how we carry ourselves. Ellene can easily demonstrate how the benefits of Pilates can be applied to all fitness activities.

Ellene has studied Pilates with Raoul Rossiter, Richard Rossiter, 2nd Generation Master Instructor, and Bonnie Grebe, also 2nd Generation Master Instructor.  She has studied dressage extensively with Jan Ebeling, US Olympic Team member. She is eager to share the tremendous benefits of Pilates with you!


"I have been attending regular Pilates classes with Ellene Kloepfer for a year now.  I am pleased to say that I am so much stronger and I'm able to do exercises that would have been impossible before.  I have serious issues with my neck and the training has relieved much of my discomfort.  Ellene is very careful to make sure my neck is protected and that the exercises are structured in such a way as to benefit my healing."


"Ellene trains with total enthusiasm, amazing patience and positive feedback. Classes are fun and a great workout. She can quickly assess strengths and weaknesses and adapts the lessons to fit your needs."


"I have been taking Pilates (mat and refomer) twice a week now for over a year and have had amazing results in gaining core strength, flexibility, balance and inner awareness of my body. Besides that, I have lost pounds and inches... can't beat that!  Ellene is an amazing instructor... I feel very blessed  to have her instruction in Pilates as well as in Dressage. She is very detailed, engaging and her workouts are challenging.  I just keep coming back for more...  I love her classes!!" 


"I started Pilates at my Physician's recommendation after not exercising for 15 years.  Ellene immediately embraced the challenge of increasing my strength and flexibility.  Her tireless positivity and encouragement builds my confidence and self-esteem which in turn makes me want to work harder.  With her personal attention and motivating instruction she makes me feel as if I am the only one in the class.  When I become discouraged, my favorite phrase of Ellene's is “ You’re here, that’s what counts”.  I started Pilates in search of strength and flexibility and I have also, unexpectedly, found a friend."


"I discovered Pilates 6 months ago and it’s amazing!  I tell people it will be something I do the rest of my life.  Besides the body transformation, the instructor Ellene makes all the difference.  I can’t imagine going to a class without her instruction, she’s awesome!"